Native Earth Skills

Stay Tuned For Upcoming Nature Awareness Courses!

The Native Earth Skills is a series of nature-based courses designed for the novice and experienced naturalist, outdoors-people, trackers, biologists or simply those wanted to deepen their connection to nature and all things wild. In these in-the-field courses led by field biologist, Soraya, you will be guided in a multitude of practical and intuitive skills. Designed around the interconnected nature of the practical body-senses and mind, students will develop a better understanding of the natural world through nature awareness and intuitive power; learning to connect with their surroundings; read nature’s signs; hike with mindful acuity as well as learn wildlife tracking skills, orienteering skills and more.

All courses will take place in a natural outdoor setting and may require strenuous hiking. Introductory and basic courses will be day long classes. Advanced and immersion courses may require traveling to wilderness area and will require overnight camping.