Interested in hiring me? Always at home in the field. Please feel free to contact me with inquiries. You may contact me using form below.

Hire me for article contribution!


Van D. Clothier: Stream Dynamics, Inc./Watershed Restoration Expert/Supevisor

  • Ph: (575) 590-0549
  • Email:

Eli Greenbaum: Herpetologist

  • Ph: (915)-747-5553
  • Email:

Bruce Bauer: Santa Clara Pueblo Forestry Department

  • Ph: (505) 795-2066
  • Email:

Dr. Jerry Johnson:  Herpetologist/Biologist and Mentor

  • Ph: (915)-747-6984
  • Email:

Vicente Mata-Silva: Herpetologist/Biologist

  • Email:

Dr. David Carmichael: Anthropology/Archaeology

  • Ph: (915) 747-6599
  • Email:

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