Interested in hiring me? Please feel free to contact me with inquiries. You may contact me at or click image below:

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Van D. Clothier: Stream Dynamics, Inc./Watershed Restoration Expert/Supevisor

  • Ph: (575) 590-0549
  • Email:

Bruce Bauer: Santa Clara Pueblo Forestry Department

  • Ph: (505) 795-2066
  • Email:

Jeff Ham: Field Ecologist/Restoration Ecologist

  • Ph: (505) 699-4301
  • Email:

Dr. Jerry Johnson:  Herpetologist/Biologist and Mentor

  • Ph: (915)-747-6984
  • Email:

Vicente Mata-Silva: Herpetologist/Biologist

  • Email:

Eli Greenbaum: Herpetologist

  • Ph: (915)-747-5553
  • Email:

Dr. David Carmichael: Anthropology/Archaeology

  • Ph: (915) 747-6599
  • Email:

Carol Miller: Wildlife Rehabilitation Specialist


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