As a field biologist, I couldn’t image a world without wildlife. But research of historic and present trends sadly points to the real possibility of a world without wildlife. We are in the midst of a true holocaust and this is not our true purpose. The window in which we can reverse and prevent this outcome through change is closing fast. Outside of zoos and sanctuaries, the pressures placed on naturally existing ecosystems is often too much to bare for wildlife. The biggest cause is simply loss of habitat and the biggest threat is not what you might think. Coal and gas are not to blame, our diet is. 

The majority of deforestation that has occurred is not caused by oil and gas but agriculture. If we made efforts to restore only one sixth of the earth that have been used for agriculture, then and only then does wildlife have a fighting chance. And that is exactly what one man is trying to do.

Dr. Sailesh Rao is the Executive Director of the non-profit Climate Healers. Of course, reforestation of one sixth of the earth, would only be the beginning but according to research, it would be enough to temporarily neutralize human-caused carbon dioxide emissions. This effect will open up the window of time we have to implement changes necessary to prevent what Dr. Sailesh Rao has coined “Year ZERO”.  

Year ZERO is the year when the planet loses 100% of our wild-life and is a prediction made by calculating statistical trends in wildlife decline throughout our history. The LPR2014 reported the death of 52% of vertebrates world-wide between 1970 and 2010. And the LPR2016 reported the loss of 58% of existing wild vertebrates between 1970 and 2012. As the rate of decline since 1970 is exponentially growing, Year ZERO is predicted to be as soon as 2026.   

There is no way I am going to allow this to happen without putting in my own unceasing efforts! If we partner with nature, nature CAN recover. We are all a part of nature, and we have a great purpose and that is, to put our big brains to work and reciprocate what we have been given: life. 

It’s time to give back. 

WILD ROOTS PODCAST’s first episode features an interview with Dr. Sailesh Rao. Join us as we discuss THE solution to Climate Change and how you can prevent “Year ZERO” by becoming a Climate Healer.

In this episode, Dr. Sailesh Rao discusses the research and data behind Year ZERO, the year we could potentially lose 100% of our wildlife. We know the problem and we know the solution. Dr. Rao beautifully references the caterpillar and butterfly as an analogy to where we are today. Like the caterpillar, we are coming into being with purpose, emerging anew. The awakened butterfly is the state of our true-selves.

Dr. Sailesh Rao is also the author of two books: Carbon Yoga and Carbon Dharma.

Join me on a journey to connecting to our wild origins, our wild roots, remembering that we are the climate healers AND a butterfly for all!


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