A Wandering Tarantula

Today we had a lovely visit from a wandering friend! This tarantula walked towards us while we sat on the porch during the evening. Though excited, I calmly and gently coaxed the Tarantula onto my hand. Wanting her to feel safe and unthreatened, I did my very best to transmit to her feelings of calmness while taming my own gaiety. She remained unguarded and calm. As she walked across my palms, the sensation of her little foot taps upon my skin made me even more giddy with delight. What a sweet spider.

With some encouragement, I managed to hand this beauty over to my partner’s hands. This was his first time ever holding a tarantula! It was awesome to see this new experience take place for him. I love inspiring these kinds of connections. It is a way for people to realize just how special nature is. These kinds of connection encourage people to honor lifeforms of all kinds!



After a short visit we placed the tarantula back into the foliage and watched as she casually went on her way. Still beguiled by her charms we watched for as long as we could until she fully disappeared into the thick vincas. I imagined being her size to be able to wander the vinca understory. How magical a place it would be! Her own jungle to explore!

There are many, many misconceptions revolving around animals such as spiders. Most spiders are harmless. This very gentle, and harmless, tarantula wanted nothing more than to patiently hunt for crickets within the vinca’s understory.

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