Wild Isolation: Getting Away From It All

One of my goals for this year is to backpack every weekend, or at least as often as I can. As some of you already know, the wilderness is where I find solace, so backpacking is something I always look forward to. Since the weather has warmed sufficiently, the opportunity opened up to begin the year’s backpacking journeys. I am extremely fortunate to live near plenty of isolated wilderness.

The following photos are from a two-night trip in one of my favorite places on a new-to-me route. I am not going to write much for this post. Lucky you, you get to enjoy the backcountry photos I don’t often share!

I’ll just say this, the amount of butterflies at this time in the season was striking. Though with miles to hike, I regret not being able to capture more of them. It proved more difficult than I had liked so I just enjoyed them as they came. Also, I couldn’t quite get over the beauty of the sun’s rays glistening through the new growth of deciduous tree leaves. As you peruse through these photos, you’ll find I was quite enchanted by this. Enjoy.

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