My New Book: Wild Kinship

I am more than elated to officially announce my new book!

Wild Kinship is about our undeniable connection to wild Nature and my wish to inspire others to regard the natural world beyond themselves as part of themselves. It is the spirit of a Naturalist that is at the core of who we really are — this books reveals the many ways I believe this to be true.

My deep love of Nature is what inspired me to pursue a degree in biology, in which I concentrated my studies in ecology and evolutionary biology, but it was the connection I had made as a young girl with a Western Box Turtle that paved the way for my deep love of all things wild and free.

In my earliest memories and observations of human and non-human animal interactions I began to recognize patterns that startled me. It was clear what humans needed more than ever… to regain the Nature-awareness of our easiest ancestors.

Embodying the spirit of a soul afflicted with biophilia, the book is an illumination of our true human nature — shedding light on how our present human tale intertwines with our human-Nature oriented relationship of our ancestral past.

This is revealed by the many attributes and abilities we all naturally seem to possess, behaviorally, emotionally, biologically and even psychologically. It is in these discoveries and interactions with plants and animals that reveal the fascinating abilities natural to us all. Because of this, we are an integral part of the whole of Nature — and this is why our severed relationship with the natural world must be mended.

I began writing Wild Kinship in November 2020, and it was published one year later.

It was an urgent matter.

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