A Mere Wavering Leaf

A beautiful entangled mess of tired fallen limbs, branches and leaves beneath wise old Cottonwood trees, provides me with endless inspiration as I continue to write my book.

Writing comes easily as nature’s layers reveal themselves all around me. Like kaleidoscopic wonder, each layer carries me to the next, and to the next. A never ending story of stories told by our ancient Mother.

I love sitting amidst the entanglement of it all, as if I were wandering paint on a canvas bleeding into the surrounding background becoming a part of the story being told.

A mere wavering leaf, is all that I am, amongst the chorus of rattling leaves. Feeling inseparable from the grandest story of life ever told.

Listening. Hearing. Sensing. Living. Breathing.

It is a story to which we all play a part. And it is wondrous!

Be well.

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